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Kardia is developed on the RIA / D-DSL Centrallix platform. We desire to implement Kardia in such a way that it not only leverages free / open-source software, but also so that it helps to empower those who use and deploy the software.

For instance, here is how a traditional computer program might be developed:

In a traditional program, the users of the software have very little control over what the software can and cannot do. Sure, there is flexibility in user preferences and in the system configuration, but to fundamentally change the program, the organization must have skilled programmers trained in the underlying development language.

Our goal with Kardia is to write it in such a way, using a declarative domain specific language (D-DSL), that it enables the Power User to, as seen fit by the organization, make changes to the system:

We have found over the years we've been working on Kardia and Centrallix that accomplishing this is a very difficult undertaking, and we've made our share of mistakes along the way! But we believe this goal of empowering the user, of doing software according to the LightSys model of empowering and "working ourselves out of a job" is much of what makes Kardia worth writing, even if it is a difficult task.

So, join with us on this venture! Use your skills in software development to extend and improve on what we've done, and make a multiplying impact for the work of God's Kingdom by being a servant of all.

Developers & Contributors

These are the people behind Kardia, both past and present. We have attempted to make this list as complete as possible and to keep it up to date. However, if we have accidentally left someone out, please let us know and we will fix the error.

  • Concept and Prototype: Greg Beeley, Tim Young, Luke Ehresman, and Nathan Ehresman, in addition to developers from the 2002 COS370 Open Source class at Taylor University (Joe, John, Jonathan, and Josh).
  • Missions Requirements Research: Greg Beeley and Tim Young, with input from at least seven different missions organizations.
  • Kardia Pilot Implementation: Greg Beeley, Tim Young, and D.J. (you know who you are)
  • Kardia Documentation: Dorinda Beeley
  • Kardia Documentation Dutch Translation: Sjirk Jan Prins
  • Kardia Virtual Appliance: Tim Young and Greg Beeley
  • Kardia Add-on for Thunderbird: Aisha Rigert, Tumbler Terrall
  • Kardia Apps for Android: Andrew Cameron, Breven Hettinger, Hannah Brown, Andrew Lockridge, and Jake Prem
  • Centrallix Platform: Greg Beeley, Tim Young, Nathan Ehresman, Luke Ehresman, 2002 COS370 Open Source class participants, Peter Finley, David O'Neill, Matt McGill, Nathaniel Colson, Alex Cole, David Kasper, Jon Craton, Seth Bird, Daniel Rothfus, Micah Shennum, Hazen Johnson, Justin Southworth, Brady Steed, Remington Wells, Tumbler Terrall, and several Spring Break Code-a-Thon for Missions participants

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