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Kardia - Status

Kardia is currently in beta, and parts of Kardia are under heavy, active, development. Currently, setting up Kardia requires some tweaking and configuration in order for things to work right. If you're looking to get a test or production Kardia system set up, please write to the Kardia general discussion email list so that we can assist!

Kardia Virtual Appliance
(1.0 released Dec 2014)

The Kardia Virtual Appliance is a virtual machine image you can run in your favorite virtualization environment, such as KVM or VirtualBox. Targeted at developers as well as at those who just want to try out Kardia and Centrallix, it makes installation and setup simple. Please be sure to read the README file and then the quick reference PDF before using the Virtual Appliance. The Virtual Appliance is powered by CentOS 7 (Linux).

The Virtual Appliance automatically downloads the latest versions of Kardia and Centrallix directly from our Git source code repositories.

Downloads and information for the Virtual Appliance:

Kardia CRM Add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird
(1.06 released Jan 2016)

You can access and update Kardia CRM data while you're using your email! This convenient way of using the CRM is available to Mozilla Thunderbird users via installing a Kardia CRM add-on. The add-on is in beta, and can be downloaded from one of the following two locations:

  • Via our normal release channel at Mozilla Add-ons. However, Mozilla's Add-ons website has been very slow on reviewing new add-ons for inclusion, so for the near future fixes and updates may be greatly delayed.
  • Via our advance release channel (ARC). Installing via this method will get you updates sooner. However, it is more likely that you may find issues/bugs when installing advance releases, and you'll have to download and install manually instead of via the add-on search feature in Thunderbird.

Kardia Apps for Android
(under development)

Three Kardia-related apps are under development for users of Android tablets and phones. Check back here later for more information about these apps.

Git Source Repository

We've converted Kardia over to using a Git source code repository. Most of the contemporary version of Kardia has been imported into Git (although not all of it is fully generalized from the version we've built for one of our clients), and you can view/download the repository here.

Centrallix Platform

If you use the Virtual Appliance above, Centrallix will be automatically compiled for you. See here for more information about Centrallix, the RIA / D-DSL platform which powers Kardia.

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