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Kardia Features - Base System

The foundational module of Kardia is called the "partner" module, and manages the contact and mailings part of the system.

  • Categorization of types of partners, with additional data storage based on category
  • Multiple addresses per partner record
  • Multiple contacts (emails, phones, etc.) per partner record
  • Management of Mailings: Publications, Selections, and Issues
  • Subscriptions to Mailings
  • Graph-style relationship modeling for people and organizations
  • International mailing address formatting
  • Organizational staff management
  • Duplicate checking
  • Searching by a traditional "search box" or via query-by-form
  • Built-in chat feature
  • Social-style presence management with status
  • Report and report group management
  • Message-of-the-Day feature for announcements to users

Kardia Features - General Ledger

The General Ledger is the core of the accounting system in Kardia, and is specifically designed for the fund accounting needs of missions organizations.

  • Multiple sets of accounting books (ledgers) supported
  • Multiple levels of funds (currently supported: two levels)
  • Multiple levels of GL accounts
  • Comptroller codes for GL account usage categorization and high-level reporting
  • Self-balancing funds for fund accounting
  • Support for net current assets and reserve calculations
  • External, Inter-Fund, and Within-Fund transactions
  • Full balance sheet and income/expense reporting system-wide and for specific funds
  • Organization of transactions by ledger, batch, journal, and transaction line-item
  • Configuration of what person "manages" each fund

Kardia Features - CRM

The Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) module provides the tracking of interactions and relationships between people and organizations, and helps the organization manage those relationships well. The CRM system is currently in development, but portions of it are in beta.

Note that we call this "Constituent" Relationship Management, not "Customer" Relationship Management. Most CRM's are targeted at sales situations and building a customer base. Kardia is aimed at the needs of charities.

The slogan for the CRM system is "See Clearly. Go Deep."

  • Interaction recording (emails, phone calls, conversations, etc.)
  • Multi-role collaboration
  • "Structured Engagement" case system, with engagement tracks, steps, and requirements
  • Unlimited engagements per person, including both simultaneous and historical engagement in different tracks or in the same type of track
  • Automatic collaboration at various steps of engagement
  • Follow-up management and "fall-through-the-cracks" prevention
  • Task management
  • Person-driven, not user-driven, data modeling allows the modeling of rapidly growing networks of relationships and collaborations, such as church planting movements / rapid discipleship of nations
  • Document management
  • Smart Tags, providing "Question Mining" features for intelligent relationship building
  • Person profiles based on a Timeline and tunable Highlights design
  • Tracking for prayer requests and prayer activity
  • Integration with the Donor (receipting) system, for donor management needs
  • Multi-purpose misc structured data storage
  • Integrates with Kardia chat and presence management
  • Integrates with Kardia's mailings management system
  • Integrates with Kardia's graph-based relationship modeling
  • User interface designed with touch screens in mind
  • Modest gamification of certain aspects to encourage productivity
  • Mobile app for Kardia CRM users in development
  • Mobile app for missionary / field staff / fund manager end-users in development

Kardia Features - Donor

The Donor and Receipting module provides for gift receipting and cash receipts processing in Kardia, and integrates tightly with the general ledger.

  • Control over what funds and GL accounts can receive donations
  • Recording of transaction types (cash, check, credit, EFT, etc)
  • Multiple (split) designations allowed per gift
  • Advanced administrative fee deduction schedules
  • Support for immediate receipts and periodic (monthly, quarterly, annual) statements
  • Integration with online giving (currently, via, with automated import of gifts, deposits, and transaction fees
  • Motivation / Campaign codes
  • Automatic subscription to mailings
  • Reporting by donor, by fund, by period, etc.
  • Some reports aimed specifically at missionary end-users
  • Mobile app for donors (missionary supporters) in development

Kardia Features - Disbursements

The Disbursements system handles payments.

  • Multiple line-items for checks, tied to GL account codes and funds
  • Automatic or preprinted check numbering
  • Tight integration with the general ledger

Kardia Features - Payroll

The payroll module allows payroll/allowance data processing, specifically geared at the needs of organizations that have their staff do deputized support raising (for example, missionaries).

  • Payroll groups
  • Payees configurable by fund
  • Withholdings and employer-side taxes and accruals
  • Tax withholding tables
  • Inter-fund and within-fund transactions
  • Accruals, such as advances
  • Configurable line items and line item types
  • Tight integration with the general ledger

Kardia Features - System Management

The system management module of Kardia provides for infrastructure and security.

  • Database back-ends supported: MySQL, Sybase ASE
  • Context and endorsement (privilege) based security
  • Recording of user histories
  • Recording of creation and modification metadata on every record

Kardia Features - Virtual Appliance

The Kardia Virtual Appliance provides a virtual machine image which allows for a very rapid setup of Kardia, and is focused on software developers as well as on those who just want to try out Kardia.

  • Powered by CentOS 7 - no licensing fees
  • Quick setup wizard
  • User management
  • Security controls on repository access, shell access, and administrator access
  • Configurable direct access to MySQL database from outside the VM
  • HTTP and HTTPS support
  • Sharing of Kardia and Centrallix source repositories as network drives
  • Multiple run modes: service, console, and gdb
  • Multiple workflow modes: shared, team, and individual
  • Run Centrallix as user or as root (multi-user)
  • Automatic building/rebuilding of Centrallix server from source
  • Automatic installation/rebuilding of the Kardia database
  • Update capability

Centrallix Platform Features for Kardia

The Centrallix D-DSL application platform powers Kardia, and provides Kardia with a number of important benefits:

  • Zero-Deployment - Kardia runs as a browser-based application in Firefox or Chrome
  • Hybrid traditional and EAV data modeling for flexibility and efficiency
  • High-speed data entry via business-app-style presentation even in a web app
  • Data, application, and deployment vehicle abstraction provide the Kardia codebase with investment protection
  • Runs natively on Linux servers, eliminating per-seat/user licensing fee requirements
  • Entire system available as a virtual appliance, powered by a CentOS 7 distribution
  • Optimal client/server logic separation will provide for future offline web app scenarios
  • SSL/TLS support
  • REST-based API support, and natural hierarchical data organization for API's

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